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The Leader Within

Is a place of development and inspiration produced by lively conversions and interviews with experts and achievers. The world is changing, it has never been more important to find, develop and use The Leader Within all of us. No longer are there jobs for life, job security does not exist and people are working for themselves or in small groups to deliver to a new world market. The Leader Within will bring you techniques, tools, information and insight into how we can all grow or find The Leader Within for your work and for your home. On The Leader Within we will be bringing to the show the top people in the world of leadership, both leaders of people and thought leaders. We will be interviewing key individuals who can offer skills and impart practical knowledge on how we can all improve The Leader Within. These will be brought to you by experts in their fields and from people who have learnt the hard way and have a story to share. Part of The Linked 2 Leadership Radio

– Mark Davies

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I am currently working on a new set of interviews with business and technology leaders with a focus on local businesses and local leaders.

It is always inspirational to hear what someone of international standing has achieved and yet it is so much more powerful if it is someone you know, work with, do business with or could know. These will be available starting in spring 2013 and will be made available through the usual channels above together with being made available to local Chelmsford and Essex business and network groups as a source of inspiration and enjoyment.

If you would like to suggest any outstanding individuals to be considered for interview who is of good standing in the local Essex business community then please get in touch with